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    Color of the Month October 2016 and Rehearsal Brunch!

    It’s mid month and yep, late on the color of the month post. BUT, for good reasons like getting married!!! And for not the best reasons like recovering from surgery. So, this month I give you color of the month
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    Color of the Month September 2016!

    September! I’m a bit behind on the post but it’s Wedding Month! SO, lots to do at home and out and about, thinking, planning, doing, figuring out, gathering. So, back to color of the month…tomorrow is Stephan’s birthday and so
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    Color of the Month August 2016!

    Woah, hello August! I’m a few days delayed with my color of the month. Distracted by wedding planning and adjusting to my new awesome life with Stephan. 51 days to go as he informed me today! SO, this month I