Home for the Holidays Part 2

Okay, so apparently there is going to be a part 3 too! I have added another display this year due to my expanding collection, so stay tuned for the final installment of Home for the Holidays artgoodies style!

New this year is the window sill display in the living room right under the vintage felt Christmas banner. I love these vintage deer! Most of them made in Japan. And that lanky Santa next to the bottle brush tree and the sled of friends, this is good stuff! These guys are so fun and festive!


This little snowman collection sits on the shelf right above the bathroom sink. My faves are the grumpy one on the top left, and the cigar smokin one on the bottom right!


This year the table gets decorated with an unusual shiny bright tree! Made of clear plastic with silver glitter, the branches have little notches to hold the tiny glass balls! Plus on my vintage console radio sits a little gold tinsel tree from Japan. And I couldn't be more excited, I finally put up my grandma's 40s black Zomba barkcloth drapes after finding them when my parents moved this summer. I spent countless hours lying in bed at her house staring at these drapes! I love them! They fit right in with my wall color and the German console radio I also brought over from my parents house. It used to belong to my Grandpa Price and still works and sounds like a dream!

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Home for the Holidays (Part 1)

I wanted to give you a sneak peek into my vintage holiday decor. It’s fun, it’s kitschy, and most of it is less than traditional which is how I like it. From my mini tree to my ever expanding Blue Christmas theme, this is part one. Stay tuned for part 2!

This vintage felt banner is amazing! The lime green and fuschia colors are a nice twist on traditional red and green. Plus the hand sewn quality and beaded sequints letters are amazing!


What can I say, I love a Blue Christmas! My breakfast nook takes on a little holiday sparkle with the lights around the window and the fantastic vintage silver wreath I picked up this past year. I attached some blue vintage bells to it, the giant blue striped ornament is cozy in the boomerang pottery piece, and the silver reindeer happily march along the windowsill! Buddha comes in from the freezing winter garden and hangs out in one corner while in the other, a fantastic gray and white mid century booster chair is ready for the arrival of any little holiday visitors!

Every year I get one of these little live mini trees. Just enough for the festive feeling. This year the kitchen cart I picked up comes in supremely handy for displaying the tree and keeping the presents neat and tidy! Decorated in green and blue ornaments, plus some beaded snowflakes my mom made, and of course the addition of some vintage holiday goodness it has just enough sparkle! And my rare vintage Rushton pink Santa hangs out below.

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Holiday Hurry!

The busy season is busily coming and going folks! Holiday orders, shows, and other activities like my brother’s wedding have kept me on the move! Here’s a few pics for you! And there’s still plenty of time to get your artgoodies products this holiday! Tea towels make the perfect gift for just about anyone, and don’t forget the New Year’s hostess! Piority shipping upgrade suggested to insure holiday arrival, order by the 20th!

Say hello to my latest design! The cozy cabin towel! It reminds me how nice it is to shop online at home, nice and snug and warm as you sip cocoa, hint hint.

artgoodies is participating in the local pop up shop put on by the fantastic Rumsey's! If you're local or in GR for the day stop on by at 1127 Wealthy St SE, right across from the Wealthy Theatre. It closes up Sunday so hurry on over and support all the local artists involved!

Here's my booth at the UICA holiday artist market here in Grand Rapids. I kept it local this year due to my brother's wedding and I have to say it was so nice to stay home, but I did miss all my customers and indie friends in Chicago!

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The Vintage Bazaar Part 2

I’m a bit deliquent on this post but here it is. I had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday weekend hanging out at The Vintage Bazaar in Chicago. The pop up store front was amazing I might add! Everyone’s displays looked fantastic! Katherine and Libby were the hostesses with the mostess- thanks ladies!

The inspiration for my display! I love how the color of the apples pop right out of the weathered wood!

Here it is! The main wall, and my favorite part of my display at the show! I love how it came together! And the dual action crates worked great for packing it up too!

This wall of state trays looks swell with the mannequin and the cocktail set on the typewriter cart!

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Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!

So here’s what’s up. I’ve been busy busy busy. Printing, sewing, vintage scouring, packing n shipping, helping with my brother’s wedding this and that, enjoying a little family time, etc etc.  And now for work things! THIS WEEKEND! HELLO CHICAGO! http://www.thevintagebazaar.com/upcoming-events/  I’m so excited to be one of 5 vintage vendors in this pop up shop! So if you are in the area stop by say hello and shop some fantastic vintage for those on your list! You are pretty much guaranteed to find some unusual gifts!  And if you can’t make it I still have something for you! Shop my vintage store online and use code BLACKFRIDAY2010 and get 20% off my entire shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/vintagegoodies Stay tuned for more Vintage Bazaar photos and artgoodies news and product views!
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vintagegoodies gets published!

  I’ve been waiting for awhile to see this book out. Not only because vintage housewares are a supreme area of interest to me but because I contributed 18-20 photographs in which my online vintage shop is credited and listed as an online resource for vintage housewares! I was thrilled when Diane contacted me about the project and it turned out great! I’m pretty excited! I snapped a few shots of some of the pages I contributed to so you could have a look for yourself! And check out my shop at www.vintagegoodies.etsy.com

The match safe and bread box are long gone from my shop but the rooster canisters are still with me. They are so great and somewhere down the line they'll be available but I'm still not quite ready to part with them!

I couldn't be more pleased that all the pics of trays are mine. It's only fitting since I am a magnet for them wherever I go I'm sure to find them! Yes, I LOVE trays!

These are some faves from my personal collection. And the one on the bottom is available in my shop!

A few of my all time favorite mod mugs!

An egg slicer from my personal collection in aqua, a tomato timer that no doubt will be for sale one of these days, and a handy lattic pie cutter straight from my cupboard!

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the last harvest

Although I love the changing of the seasons, this point of fall is certainly not my favorite time of year. It’s that time of year when all good things like the garden must come to an end. Not to mention the dreaded four letter word that starts with an s and ends with w is in the forecast this week. Yikes. I made my last garden harvest this afternoon. There is still a speck of broccoli and kale but everything else is pretty much done. 

Thank you little garden of mine. The last of the onions, tomatillos, fennel, and swiss chard. I feel like this last bit deserves to be made into something special, we'll see what I come up with tomorrow! Fast forward below I had to add in this quiche made from my garden goodies. I still need to do something with the tomatillos. And since I had some extra dough I of course whipped up a little fresh apple pie!

Mom’s lovely cottage carrots! Part of her last harvest at the cottage garden. I love how the carrots and the fall leaves in the back compliment each other. My guess is that mom sent these carrots for a swim in the crock pot!
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color of the month minis!

Green and white what a sight! Fab tray holds snazzy green white and gold cocktail glasses. The ice-o-matic crusher is perfect for fillin the handy ice bucket and the liquor decantor is just perfect for completing the look!

Since I have been so busy this month I am knockin out a couple of projects here with color of the month minis!

These glasses are so kitschy cool they're hot! The venus salt and p's are a scream and the bulldog planter adorable! Serve up some quests with bold style!

I'm super tempted to keep these amazing 50s leaf glasses for myself! The Homer Laughlin platter is simple and elegant and the array of plastic cups are perfect for pouring into with the atomic thermal pitcher!

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Country Living Fair South

The past couple weeks have been so busy with travel and such! Vintagegoodies and artgoodies headed South to the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA this past weekend. The weather was fantastic and location couldn’t have been more beautiful nestled among the pines! Plus I spent some time with family in Southern Indiana on the way back and even had a chance to dig up some great vintage around those parts! 

This adorable fake tractor at a roadside stand was a fun photo op in Southern Indiana! This place had great pumpkins and gourds and the most amazing mums I have ever seen with solid color blooms from end to end!

Here's an early morning shot of my booth on the first day. All stocked up with artgoodies product, vintage housewares, tablecloths, and aprons. Plus a tree lended itself to a mini clothesline!

Loads of colorful vintage kitchen goodness, a few artgoodies aprons, and of course more trays!

Well you saw the sneak peak last post and here it is again at the show. I sold tons of great vintage holiday! I'll continue to be on the lookout for more and check out my vintage shop vintagegoodies.etsy.com for holiday listings soon!

What can I say, sometimes you get food poisoning or the flu and get sick on the road and you have to make a bed out of a big piece of paper and sleep in the bushes behind a tent for awhile.

Stone Mountain was gorgeous and although busy busy with the show we took a little drive around. Here is a lovely shot through the covered bridge.

Hopefully next year we will have more time to check out the park. I'd love to ride the cable car to the top of the mountain, but we did at least get to see the giant carving and take a little walk.


SNEAK PEAK! The Country Living Fair Atlanta

I’ve got oodles of artgoodies about ready to go and the vintage housewares are all packed up. And now I’m working on something very special for all my customers! A vintage holiday extravaganza! I’ve been stocking up all year long and then some! I have plenty of fantastic vintage Christmas goodies for you! Be sure to make a beeline for my booth so you don’t miss out on the best selection! Check out the show in Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park Oct 22-24th!!!

Ornaments, reindeer, and glassware oh my! Holiday aprons, ties ons, and a couple of pieces from my own personal collection too!