Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!

So here’s what’s up. I’ve been busy busy busy. Printing, sewing, vintage scouring, packing n shipping, helping with my brother’s wedding this and that, enjoying a little family time, etc etc.  And now for work things! THIS WEEKEND! HELLO CHICAGO! http://www.thevintagebazaar.com/upcoming-events/  I’m so excited to be one of 5 vintage vendors in this pop up shop! So if you are in the area stop by say hello and shop some fantastic vintage for those on your list! You are pretty much guaranteed to find some unusual gifts!  And if you can’t make it I still have something for you! Shop my vintage store online and use code BLACKFRIDAY2010 and get 20% off my entire shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/vintagegoodies Stay tuned for more Vintage Bazaar photos and artgoodies news and product views!
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vintagegoodies gets published!

  I’ve been waiting for awhile to see this book out. Not only because vintage housewares are a supreme area of interest to me but because I contributed 18-20 photographs in which my online vintage shop is credited and listed as an online resource for vintage housewares! I was thrilled when Diane contacted me about the project and it turned out great! I’m pretty excited! I snapped a few shots of some of the pages I contributed to so you could have a look for yourself! And check out my shop at www.vintagegoodies.etsy.com

The match safe and bread box are long gone from my shop but the rooster canisters are still with me. They are so great and somewhere down the line they'll be available but I'm still not quite ready to part with them!

I couldn't be more pleased that all the pics of trays are mine. It's only fitting since I am a magnet for them wherever I go I'm sure to find them! Yes, I LOVE trays!

These are some faves from my personal collection. And the one on the bottom is available in my shop!

A few of my all time favorite mod mugs!

An egg slicer from my personal collection in aqua, a tomato timer that no doubt will be for sale one of these days, and a handy lattic pie cutter straight from my cupboard!

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the last harvest

Although I love the changing of the seasons, this point of fall is certainly not my favorite time of year. It’s that time of year when all good things like the garden must come to an end. Not to mention the dreaded four letter word that starts with an s and ends with w is in the forecast this week. Yikes. I made my last garden harvest this afternoon. There is still a speck of broccoli and kale but everything else is pretty much done. 

Thank you little garden of mine. The last of the onions, tomatillos, fennel, and swiss chard. I feel like this last bit deserves to be made into something special, we'll see what I come up with tomorrow! Fast forward below I had to add in this quiche made from my garden goodies. I still need to do something with the tomatillos. And since I had some extra dough I of course whipped up a little fresh apple pie!

Mom’s lovely cottage carrots! Part of her last harvest at the cottage garden. I love how the carrots and the fall leaves in the back compliment each other. My guess is that mom sent these carrots for a swim in the crock pot!
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