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I can’t believe I haven’t showed you this before! This is my everyday dinnerware by Marcrest Stetson. The pattern is  Swiss Chalet circa 50s given away at gas stations. I have oodles of this and have been collecting for some time. I’m talking casseroles, pie dishes, all kinds of serving pieces, and even an ashtray! I would LOVE to find a list of the complete pieces that were made so I know if I’m close to having all the pieces or if I have a few to go.  It all started with my grandmother who had one cup with this pattern. She liked it so much that even though the handle had broken off she still used it. My mom and I found a whole box for just a few bucks at a garage sale when I was a kid and we bought it for her. She hadn’t used it, then when I went off to college I asked if I could use the dishes. Grandma said yes and I was hooked on completing the set ever since. I obtained a whole lot more at an estate sale about 10 years ago. I remember being so excited I thought I locked my keys in the car, I had to make 3 trips to the car to get it all! I recently saw some stacking cups on ebay that I don’t have and have never seen, but they were already sold. I had planned to show you all the pieces, but I’ll have to be back with that sometime. Too much artgoodies work to do!!!

If you'd like to add a couple pieces to your kitchen, or start your own collection here's a cream and sugar set from my vintage shop!

Fave pieces include: the new addition of the large coffee mug, I have 2 now, but have only seen them recently. The blue scale that was my great grandfathers, the Pyrex bowl with lid in the hard to find embroidery pattern, the handy little kitchen mop still with it's original packaging, and of course the glassware that matches the set!

I love the vintage vibe and crisp feeling of this pattern. It really works all year round. Check out that tea pot! A piece you don't find very often. There are several sizes of plates, bowls, glasses, and lots of serving pieces!

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Giant stuffies! ? !

Found a few of the fabric pieces I printed for these while cleaning in the studio so I thought I’d whip em up! Just these few left so grab em quick! They are fun and kitschy and cute, plus great to cuddle with! Available in cupcake, owl, and squirrel. What I’m wondering is, do you want more of these? Leave me a comment if you’re vote is yes.

Why so quiet?

I’ve been a little quiet regarding the online world of artgoodies lately. Why you ask? Tis the season for inventory, organizing, and taxes. Lots of  counting, sorting of receipts, organizing, working on new ideas and thinking about what’s in store for this year. There are some new things on the way, arrival date unknown, but soon my friends! Also, be sure to check in the shop sale section! Markdowns on what’s left of the remaining conventional cotton towels are in place and you can nab some fresh linens at 40% off!
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