More great magazine press!

I’m thrilled to add yet another magazine feature to the roster this year! Check out my organic pie apron on page 39 in the April issue of Romantic Homes Magazine! Yay!
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Spring Vacation!

Another vacation, why yes, I’m catching up on my rest and relaxation time this year. Here are some photos from my Florida trip.
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Color of the Month March 2014!

Well, with the longest winter ever breaking snowfall and cold temp records yellow seemed like the most logical color this month! I’m ready for sunshine and Spring! I know it’s coming as I hear birds starting to chirp and I saw some little sparrows gathering nest materials. But alas, it snowed last night and it’s frigid! You know it’s bad when you’re like please, 30 degrees, that’s all I ask for, is it too much, apparently the answer is yes.

Fave items: striped Deka bowls, swanky swigs with both daffodil and tulip. Shawnee pottery on the bottom, not sure who made the little tiny planter on top, and a cotton bird, anchored by a striped napkin.

Fave items: vintage daffodil tablecloth, it's in rough shape here and there but I love it! Glitter/rubber coated glasses, rose melmac plates, melmac cream and sugar, and the little ceramic bird and flower toothpick/salt and pepper set!