Happy Thanksgiving…and Holiday SALES/shipping info too!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Another year to be thankful for a lot, that is for sure. I’ll be spending a low key holiday with my parents. I’m so very thankful for their love and support, especially over the last 8 years of running my businesses. As I get older I realize more and more how amazing they are and how lucky I am to have such great parents. Growing up they taught us to be independent and always told us, my brothers and I, that we could do anything we wanted. That has made a big difference in my life allowing me to leap forward towards ideas and dreams, big and small. A sincere thanks mom and dad, you guys are the greatest! I couldn’t do this without you on team artgoodies! Love You! IMG_20141126_153525 Now onto this holiday thang! Tis the season and I’m going to start it out with my BIGGEST SALES EVER! Starting tomorrow you’ll see some major savings in both my artgoodies and vintagegoodies shops! The vintage shop will be on SALE tomorrow starting at 3 through Monday- honestly, I’d start loading your shopping cart right now so you can snap up the goods! And over at my artgoodies shop, starting in just hours, you’ll see all sorts of sales happening EVERY day, tomorrow through Monday as well! You’ll have to check back everyday to see the different Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales I have set up for you! I urge you to support indie businesses this holiday! Not just me of course, but any and all local, independent, handmade, hard working folks out there deserve your support! It’s not the easiest job to have, we work so hard and pour our hearts and souls into living a more meaningful creative life. Remember that MALL is a four letter word, warning-stay away, give gifts with meaning, sentiment, and feel good about supporting a small business, it’s the right thing to do! It’s a WIN WIN! santa I’ll be shipping everyday through December 20th! This is the last day for shipping first class and priority mail packages within the US via the USPS.  REMEMBER, artgoodies and vintagegoodies will ship direct so you can order with confidence! I’ll gladly send gifts straight to your family and friends-wrapped in tissue, tied with a bow, and even include your personalized note! Happy Holidays everyone!    
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Well, it’s hard to believe but the holidays are pretty much here. We are a week away from Thanksgiving which feels just plain nuts! Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the intense shopping season are basically here folks! I’m making some great holiday sets of organic towels and aprons for you! Save save save when you purchase them! Plus you’ll be supporting an independent business so it’s a WIN WIN! Stay tuned for some MEGA deals to kick off the holiday shopping season both at artgoodies AND vintagegoodies starting Black Friday. Trust me you won’t want to miss it!    
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Winter Wonderland…maybe.

*BOOM*   SNOW,WINTER, it has arrived. Home just in time from my super amazing weekend away in Chicago. I can’t say I’m ready for this after last year’s snowpocalypse, though there is a bit of a magical feeling that happens when you feel like you’re in a snow globe.
snow cloud

The beginning of this storm. Found some snow clouds on the other side of the lake headed straight for home.

snow roof

Rooftops and trees covered. I can’t believe how much snow happened last night, and it’s still snowing.

snow street

Down my street this morning. Once again, I give myself an award of awesome for hiring a plow service. Now, to finish cleaning the garage so I can get my car in!

snow car

Said car…about a foot of snow heaped on it this morning. I tried to shove it behind the car so the plow guy would scoop it away but there’s so much of it!

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Color of the Month! Jade.

OOOPS! Sorry to keep you waiting for the color of the month on the blog! I’ve been on  jury duty,plowing through mounds of spreadsheets, photo edits, and company launches, plus working on a little website revamp of my own (coming up) all while trying to prep for the holiday and make the goods. Here ya go, color of the month November 2014-Jade. It’s not often that I stumble upon jadeite in my vintage treasure hunting and when I find it it’s usually not all that budget friendly. But I stumbled upon  a few pieces that didn’t break the bank.
blog vignette

Fave vintage pieces: jadeite platter, cat planter, jadeite bowl, rotary phone, snowman candy jar box, and awesome little planter in the stand!

blog table

color of the month table setting November 2014. Fave items: fiberglass trays, plaid vintage napkins, melmac tree plates, state glasses,small jadeite tray, and color block tablecloth.

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