NEW designs!

I think a lot about the idea of home.  There are so many ideas and thoughts and behaviors surrounding each “home”, I could go on for days. Instead of rambling about all that, I offer you artgoodies Brand NEW house tea towel! Plus, my green thumb has been twiddling away waiting for this new plant design. I once heard you should never trust a person who doesn’t have any houseplants, ponder that. blog square houseblog square plant  
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2015 PRESS Alert!

The first magazine press of the new year is rolling in! It’s such an honor to be recognized continually for my work, thank you-thank you-THANK YOU!! Check out my artgoodies pie stuffie mini pillow on page 50 of Romantic Homes Magazine Southern Issue March 2015! romantic homes press small
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Color of the Month January 2015!

And…breaks over! I always find it a little disorienting to get back to work after the hustle bustle of the season and then a holiday break. Getting back to the studio and work schedule after being away takes a little easing into.
blog blue

Fave vintage items: melmac, blue Japan snowman, snowflake Pyrex, small butterprint Pyrex, and darling little edged napkin.

blog table setting

Fantastic vintage melmac sets the stage for a great little table setting! Small sweet vintage tablecloth and matching napkins have great details! A crisp and clean way to start the year!