vintagegoodies gets published!

  I’ve been waiting for awhile to see this book out. Not only because vintage housewares are a supreme area of interest to me but because I contributed 18-20 photographs in which my online vintage shop is credited and listed as an online resource for vintage housewares! I was thrilled when Diane contacted me about the project and it turned out great! I’m pretty excited! I snapped a few shots of some of the pages I contributed to so you could have a look for yourself! And check out my shop at

The match safe and bread box are long gone from my shop but the rooster canisters are still with me. They are so great and somewhere down the line they'll be available but I'm still not quite ready to part with them!

I couldn't be more pleased that all the pics of trays are mine. It's only fitting since I am a magnet for them wherever I go I'm sure to find them! Yes, I LOVE trays!

These are some faves from my personal collection. And the one on the bottom is available in my shop!

A few of my all time favorite mod mugs!

An egg slicer from my personal collection in aqua, a tomato timer that no doubt will be for sale one of these days, and a handy lattic pie cutter straight from my cupboard!