Home for the Holidays Part 2

Okay, so apparently there is going to be a part 3 too! I have added another display this year due to my expanding collection, so stay tuned for the final installment of Home for the Holidays artgoodies style!

New this year is the window sill display in the living room right under the vintage felt Christmas banner. I love these vintage deer! Most of them made in Japan. And that lanky Santa next to the bottle brush tree and the sled of friends, this is good stuff! These guys are so fun and festive!


This little snowman collection sits on the shelf right above the bathroom sink. My faves are the grumpy one on the top left, and the cigar smokin one on the bottom right!


This year the table gets decorated with an unusual shiny bright tree! Made of clear plastic with silver glitter, the branches have little notches to hold the tiny glass balls! Plus on my vintage console radio sits a little gold tinsel tree from Japan. And I couldn't be more excited, I finally put up my grandma's 40s black Zomba barkcloth drapes after finding them when my parents moved this summer. I spent countless hours lying in bed at her house staring at these drapes! I love them! They fit right in with my wall color and the German console radio I also brought over from my parents house. It used to belong to my Grandpa Price and still works and sounds like a dream!