Blizzard Blast 2011

At times like these I am ever so thankful to be safely snuggled up in my nice cozy warm house. And for having a snow removal service, seriously.  The wind was howling and the snow was coming down fast and furious, I awoke to the sound of shovels and snowblowers. Again, so thankful that my work was here at home a short trip down the steps.

After the storm the sun started shining and you could really see how much snow was in the road! All day neighbors tried to dig their way out and get to work. Every single one of them got stuck! Fortunately my neighbors are great and everyone was helping dig, push, and shovel their way out. One of my neighbors even shoveled my steps for me!

My house the day after. The streets, sidewalk, and driveway have been plowed and the sun shining again is making for some insane icicles! The radio said we had 16 inches, sure seemed more like 20 but either way it was a bunch!

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Holy cats! I freakin’ love livin’ in the deep south 🙂 I took a fast trip down to Florida this weekend and enjoyed 80 degree temps and blue skies. You’re a brave soul to live in the north 🙂

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