Helpful Hint- can I get a side O’ Mayo???

Okay, so this is just too good and too strange not to share. A few months back I was complaining to my dad about the water marks and scratches left on the top of my vintage console radio. Some of them had been there for years, and some of them new from a plant whose leaves had dripped! UGH! My dad, clever as ever, remembered a trick they used to use in college. Wait for it….mayo! Really? MAYO- as in would you like some mayo on your sandwich? YES! Really? I had to see this for myself!! The other night I was looking at my vintage hutch and though yes, the perfect opportunity to test it out again. Below you will find the before and after. There are different instructions online but I simply wiped the mayo on and rubbed a second and voila! It works, and it is amazing! I still can’t believe it. I’ve used it on my coffee table, and even a bad scratch in my wood floor! It’s a vintage miracle! Can I get an AMEN!

BEFORE. I wasn't sure if it would work, I mean look at that serious scraping action on the left- eek!

AFTER- Holy crap! It's gone! Almost all the other little dings and scratches have disappeared!

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lol totally fab! Reminds me of the ol’ Hints by Heloise books 🙂

I just listened to your interview with Craft Sanity. I thought it was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Your work is great and so is your website. We will add you as one of our favorites and check back often. Keep up the work!
Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about the old mayo trick. I forgot about that. It’s so cool!

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