For goodness sake, it’s time to bake!

I guess I’ve been on a mini baking spree this past week. It’s still so cold, and honestly I’m just plain tired of it. If I can’t bake myself in the sun this year I’m just going to bake in the oven! Consequently it heats up the house a bit which is a super bonus and it sure makes for a nice rewarding break in the middle of a workday! I’ve been trying out some gluten-free flour and I have to say it’s working out pretty darn good.

I wasn't sure what to expect with my impromptu recipe. I like to "refer" to recipes when I bake or cook and then just make my own up. But would it work with gluten free flour? The answer, an astounding yes! I have to say these cranberry orange vanilla chip drop scones were addictive! I had to excercise some serious restraint so I would have a couple left to bring to my friends' house! Yummy!

Today's menu: gluten free banana almond bread. Delish with a nice glass of almond milk! Plus I can put one or 2 away in the freezer! And look at that scallopy edged melmac plate, I only have one but I sure love it! Super cute! Oh and the vintage aqua and gray pinecone glass- amazing!

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