I’ve been taking a little hiatus this month and enjoying summertime at it’s best! It all started with a trip to St. Louis for my cousin’s wedding and then a stay at the family cottage in southern Michigan. I’ve been cramming in lots of summertime activity in the sun like kayaking, boating, swimming, fishing, and fruit picking. I love being outside this time of year, this is what makes going through Michigan winters worthwhile!

Filling my bucket in the dewy blueberry field.

Almost 11 pounds of amazing organic blueberries! We've been going to The Blueberry Ranch in Northern Indiana since I was a kid. Organic blueberries are 1.75 a pound to pick, you can hardly beat that!

A classic, we stopped here to cool down and grab some lunch after blueberry picking. Bonnie Doon, 4th St in Mishawaka, IN. This is the original sign and the awesome decor in side matches the era. I did a blog post on it back in Aug 2009 if you want to check it out again.

Yep, the visit wouldn't be complete without a cool mint ice cream cone this time.Shhh, this is the second day in a row I've had one. I usually get a regular cone but I thought I'd mix it up with a waffle cone.

Wild black raspberries! I remember going out back at the cottage as a child with my pink cup and picking them. I'd come in and my grandma would sprinkle sugar on them. These berries are just as sweet as the memories.

I could eat this whole bowl of wild black raspberries. Yum!

The Pink Elephant Antique Mall on historic Route 66 in Livingston, IL. This is just a bit of the roadside kitsch they have and they do serve ice cream from that building. A welcome break from all the driving!