NYIGF recap

Lots of people have been asking me about my NY trip, so here’s a quick recap for you all.  I’m still digesting the long, busy, and tiring travel week. Luckily we had part of a day before the show to have a bit of time in the city. We headed down to Ground Zero,  the church across the street and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  I still can’t seem to find the words. Then we headed off for a ride on the Staten Island Ferry for a glimpse of the Statue or Liberty before we headed back to the show for final set up adjustments. Oh and I have to mention Flavors- a spot that has local organic food- best smoothie ever, go and get a carrot, orange, pineapple one! We stayed in Times Square which is way too touristy for me, but we managed to find a great Thai restaurant a few blocks away and breakfast at Junior’s- you can’t go wrong with a giant cup of coffee, the best marmalade ever, and some old school Jazz in the morning. Plus a piece of Junior’s carrot cake cheesecake to go helped get me through the week. At the very end of the show we caught the Lion King on Broadway, and had a fun time watching a bunch of teenagers run after Lady Gaga. As far as the show, artgoodies picked up some great new accounts, met a few existing ones in person, and talked to lots of magazines! There are a few great opportunities at hand as well.  I had some awesome neighbors and it was overall a great experience with tons of brand exposure! The booth build out went great with the help of a couple of awesome hired hands- thanks gals! It was fun to see my whole product line in its own little showroom and my bike towel was also part of the NYIGF sustainability exhibit! Now for the fun part, making product and filling all those orders!

I'm lookin a little tired but excited to have my towel featured in the sustainability exhibit!

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Totally groovy. So glad to hear it was a success 🙂

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