SUPER EARLY BIRDS! and the backstory

You may have noticed this happening but artgoodies is now completing the conversion of all tea towels into 100% certified organic cotton! I’m really excited about this and it’s been something I’ve been working on literally for years.  Sourcing is one of the most difficult parts of business as I’m sure many of you know.  The tea towels are now custom made exclusively for artgoodies to my specifications! Awesome right! They look and feel just like the towels you’ve been buying from artgoodies for years but now they are organic! Yay! And the ribbon packaging had a little green change too- they are made of recycled plastic bottles if you can believe that! SO- what does this have to do with the early bird SALE? All remaining conventional cotton stock is on SALE NOW while supplies last! You can SAVE $4 a towel folks! Click HERE and it will take you right to the SALE section in my shop!