color of the month-Unseen Green

I’m already missing the beautiful green leaves and lush plants as the seasons change. Although I am quite thankful for the mild temps we’ve been enjoying, many gray days and stick trees have taken over.  So this month I’m saluting the unseen green an ode to all thingsfantastically vibrant and green!

Fantastic melmac in bright shades of green are fresh and clean! I love the vintage timer which sure comes in handy. There are a couple of pieces from my grandma's. The Niagara starch and the witch hazel bottle with worn green label, and yes it still has some in it. The prizes in this vignette are the 2 McCoy pieces. A lovely ribbed vase that I can't seem to find any info on-so let me know if you've got the dirt. And also the McCoy pot which has a limey green top and a yellow base. I've never seen a two tone one and I'm wondering if it's a manufacturers defect piece where the glaze had a happy accident?

Osage oranges make an interesting centerpiece in my green Pyrex bowl. More melmac of course, including the speckled chartreuse green plates on top of basketweave green-they actually have strawberries under there! The green and pink vintage strawberry tablecloth is a fun find and those mugs made by Lefton are a personal fave. The polka dot glasses aren't vintage but fit right in!