color of the month- Old Yeller

I’ve been craving sunshine and warmth and this insta-summer weather invasion has been a little bit alternate universe feeling, but amazing! I’m so happy to see things growing and flowering! So here it is, color of the month, in honor of sunshine!

These yellow vintage canisters are fantastic! Made by Lustroware! Love the tulip swanky swig, and daffodil tea towel! Yellow melmac is a must. Check out the cups with the white outside and yellow inside! An unusual melmac find! The striped cups at the top are by Holt Howard 1966. Vintage bunny candle is so cute and a little odd, and his friend kitty used to hold perfume.

This vintage tablecloth is vibrant, fun, and very different! I've paired it with this fantastic yellow rose pattern melmac set by Texas Ware which is available in my vintage shop!