Flower Power Weekend

This past weekend I spent immersed in gorgeous blooms! Floral design has always been an avid interest of mine. In fact, most of you don’t know that this was my career plan after college. I worked at several floral places during college and a couple after. I’ve helped dear friends style their weddings and design bouquets and such over the years, so when the opportunity arose to do my largest event yet I jumped at the chance! So here’s the story of 30 centerpieces, 5 bouquets, 7 boutonnieres, 2 wrist corsages, a cake topper, and a bunch of pretty little vases for things like cocktail hour and the gift table. You can imagine that quite a bit of planning goes into something like this! And of course, having a trusty assistant helps too! I had forgotten how much I love working with flowers! I hope I get to do it again soon!

7 am the day before the wedding, the car is getting loaded with oodles of flowers at the wholesaler.

Back home and thirsty flowers are quickly unpacked from boxes and into buckets.

Further processing gets you dethorned roses and stems stripped of leaves. Now let the real work begin! Well, almost, there was a 2 hour delay as we waited for the delivery of the cream ranunculus, which was of course in everything!

Centerpieces are starting to pile up on one of the work tables. I think I had about 11 to go at this point.

Whew! 30 centerpieces done and all loaded up for delivery Friday night. 4 elevator trips later, and they were all in place! Back home and onto the bouquets!

Oh and don’t forget the pretty little vases for the gift and reception table!

9 pm. Bridesmaids bouquets are done and will wait until morning to get their stems wrapped in ribbon. Some more work and calling it quits at 10. Good nights sleep needed here!

One of the guys boutonnieres. The groom has double spray roses and an extra little gift attached from the bride.

5 am Saturday, morning of the wedding, up and at em! Wrist corsages-check, cake topper-check, bouquets wrapped-check! By 7am I was ready for breakfast and to get myself ready for delivery and the wedding of course!

The gorgeous happy couple! Congrats to Alison and Rob 4-14-12!

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yum, those fluffy flowers are scrumptious! They must have been delightful decorations 🙂

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