Anatomy of a Show Part 4

So the truck thing was a little crazy, but our booth turned out pretty great! We got tons of compliments and lots of folks telling us our booth was their favorite which was such a nice thing to hear! One of them even said if she had a ribbon she’d give it to us! Thanks to all of our great customers at this show! Below are just a few pics of our booth.

The front porch, one entrance to our space. It was pretty cool being under the big top and we were really lucky to have a nice cross breeze with the sun and heat at this show.

Part of our office area.

Inside the shop, I loved the look of the bigger pieces meshing with the smaller ones. But I have to be honest and say that after moving furniture all week I think I"ll stick with my one true love, housewares.

The kitchen area continues and meshes into the garden area!

And finally, the back porch, with laundry area to the left.

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