Veggie Gardens!

One of my favorite things about Spring and Summer is garden time!  There’s nothing like digging in the dirt, watching veggies grow, and being able to go outside and pluck something fresh to eat! I have 2 raised bed veggie gardens at my house and my mom has several at the cottage.

Delicious radishes from the cottage garden! This is about half of what I picked this past weekend!

Mom's whiskey barrel planter. Great idea! The lettuce is looking lovely! She already cut it back once so this is the second round. Fantastic fresh salads are on the menu! She has a few others, one with spinach and herbs, and a few with blueberry bushes in them.

One of the gardens at my house. 5 types of lettuce this year, swiss chard, onions, broccoli, leeks, and celery fill up this one.

The smaller of the two beds. This one has onions, garlic, kale, the token tomato plant, pak choi, basil, and a huge fennel plant. I like to use fennel leaf in salad but if anybody has a great recipe for the leaves let me know!

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Looks great Felicia! Love that foggy morning pic, beautiful!

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