The farmers market and my gardens make me so very happy. Right now the weather is outstanding for this time of year! I’m honestly sadder than normal this year about the thought of this beautiful bounty of green and colorful goodness being gone soon. I’ve been chopping and freezing and harvesting and storing away a lot of veggie goodness to cook with and get me through the winter. I keep hearing it’s going to be a doozy. Lucky for me, I’ve already paid the driveway plow guy!

Awesome veggie harvest. Kale, swiss chard, yellow tomatoes, carrots, and a broccoli sprig.

Freshie fresh coleslaw from the market, and my garden. The annual growing of the mini red cabbage always yields a fall batch of awesome.

Yesterday evenings garden harvest. Lots of lovely little leeks, an amazing amount of fennel seed, and a couple peppers. Lots more out there still.

Leek soup ala my garden and the farmers market in the crock pot.