color of the month June 2014- green ivy

It’s amazing  just how quickly all the leaves came out and the plants popped up this year. It seems every year we go from when will winter end, to oh it’s 90 out. Not that I’m really complaining about insta summer, but it’s a little disorienting this year.  With the nice weather comes one of my favorite activities-gardening. I’ve spent several of the last weekends gardening at the cottage splitting perennials and replanting them and making new garden areas, and of course helping mom get the big veggie garden in. With gardening sometimes comes the occasional poison ivy when you get into certain spots. And a few spots, I’ve got.  This color of the month sponsored by green poison ivy!

Fave vintage pieces: Hazel Atlas ivy bowls, crocheted placemat, juice glasses including 2 rare green sailboat swanky swigs, mid century ice bucket, and plastic thermoware cups!

A little bouquet from my garden makes a nice centerpiece on this vintage tablecloth. Harkerware ivy dishes, and pale green stripe napkins complete the look.