MORE NEW Designs!

More More MORE NEW DESIGNS! The first half of the year has been busy busy in the studio cranking out new work. A cherry towel has been on my list for awhile now, and by awhile I mean at least 2 years. What can I say, time flies and I’m only one person. Cherries were a summer staple growing up. We got gobs of them at the farmers market to can and freeze and make into pies. I remember sitting at my grandma’s table pitting them, and dangling the double ones over our ears like earrings. Then there’s Wisconsin, a departure from my usual linocut designs. After making Michigan I got a couple of custom state requests and voila WI was born. I’m not sure how many will develop in this series. It sure is interesting to research each state and fun to incorporate teeny tiny drawings into the design. Both are now available here in my Etsy shop.