Color of the Month! Jade.

OOOPS! Sorry to keep you waiting for the color of the month on the blog! I’ve been on  jury duty,plowing through mounds of spreadsheets, photo edits, and company launches, plus working on a little website revamp of my own (coming up) all while trying to prep for the holiday and make the goods. Here ya go, color of the month November 2014-Jade. It’s not often that I stumble upon jadeite in my vintage treasure hunting and when I find it it’s usually not all that budget friendly. But I stumbled upon  a few pieces that didn’t break the bank.
blog vignette

Fave vintage pieces: jadeite platter, cat planter, jadeite bowl, rotary phone, snowman candy jar box, and awesome little planter in the stand!

blog table

color of the month table setting November 2014. Fave items: fiberglass trays, plaid vintage napkins, melmac tree plates, state glasses,small jadeite tray, and color block tablecloth.