Winter Wonderland…maybe.

*BOOM*   SNOW,WINTER, it has arrived. Home just in time from my super amazing weekend away in Chicago. I can’t say I’m ready for this after last year’s snowpocalypse, though there is a bit of a magical feeling that happens when you feel like you’re in a snow globe.
snow cloud

The beginning of this storm. Found some snow clouds on the other side of the lake headed straight for home.

snow roof

Rooftops and trees covered. I can’t believe how much snow happened last night, and it’s still snowing.

snow street

Down my street this morning. Once again, I give myself an award of awesome for hiring a plow service. Now, to finish cleaning the garage so I can get my car in!

snow car

Said car…about a foot of snow heaped on it this morning. I tried to shove it behind the car so the plow guy would scoop it away but there’s so much of it!