color of the month September 2015!

September! That means Labor Day Weekend, which means we’re inching closer to fall. I’m a little more at ease with it this year for some reason…at least for now. I think this month, with a lot of ivy in the mix, I was subconsciously inspired by the bittersweet vine that grows on the fence in my side yard. It grows SO fast sometimes I feel like if I stand there long enough it will grab ahold of me! So here it is, color of the month September 2015! Green and glorious and full of vining ivy!
blog sept vignette

Fave vintage: both sets of salt and pepper shakers! ivy bowl, ivy glasses, the little bbq spice jar, plaid tea towel, little buffalo china plate, and the stunning refrigerator dish that I just received from my great Aunt Wanda, love it!

blog sept table

Fave vintage: ivy tablecloth, Fire King plates, plaid napkins, pedestal mugs, little ivy doily, and zinnias from the cottage garden.


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I was having fun studying each piece in the first photo, and then I calmly scrolled down. Bam! That tablecloth just reaches out and grabs you. Just like your bittersweet vine. Wow! What a great vintage linen piece. It is a show stopper all by itself.

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