Back from Brimfield, MA

Well, honestly all I can say is Brimfield Antique Week was CRAZY NUTSO from just about every aspect! Sometimes it was hilarious, sometimes painful, stressful, exhausting, ridiculous, and sometimes a bit of good plain fun. Plus I got to see one of my pals who lives in Boston which in and of itself made the trip worthwhile.

A few treasures brought back from the trip. A mid century table and lamp combo, some fabric of course, Mr. Sprinkle in red, and the fantastic 40s litho top the list. Plus some planters and other kitchen and holiday odds n ends made the cut.

It's never good when rain is in the forecast, especially on opening day. All you gotta do is get all DIY on your space and voila tarp turns tent. The clothesline ran from tent to tree, then the tarp was looped through clothesline, bungied to other small tent, zipped to large tent, and that handy PVC pipe does the trick for pitchin the homemade tent just right! Welcome to the apron tent!

A shot of the whole space. I got bumped from my original space for some reason and ended up with a larger space so I really had to spread out. Not my ideal setup but I made do. Linens and aprons out front lead to the circus tent filled with housewares and clothes.

And of course, part of the setup inside the big tent set up by color. I love merchandising this way and got a lot of great compliments from customers as well.