Wedding Flower Weekend!

Congratulations to the lovely Taylor and her new husband Nate! I had the honor of designing their wedding flowers for this weekend! Here’s a little peek into the last 2 days!

Just after 7 I zipped off to the wholesaler to pickup the flowers! All boxed up and ready to roll I grabbed them and a few supplies and headed back home!


Hurry Hurry! Unpacked, leaves stripped, stems trimmed, back in water to hydrate in the bleached, pre-scrubbed, and pre-filled buckets! Flower menu: babies breath, football mums, freesia, tulips, lisanthus, spray roses, blue thistle, and eucalyptus leaves. and stock.


The brides bouquet. A lovely mix of football mums, spray roses, freesia, blue thistle, and eucalyptus leaves. Sidenote: I kept the freesia as a special accent in the bouquet, boutonnieres, and headpiece. It smells SO delicious!

blog bouquet detail

Here’s a little bouquet detail. Wrapped in a shimmery silver ribbon I added some silvery pins in the shape of a T for Taylor. Just in case the bride got a little fidgety or nervous she had a sort of worry stone to help out.


The groom and his attendant’s boutonnieres.


A special floral headpiece for the officiant/ bride’s attendant. I love how it turned out and it really looked spectacular on! Sidenote: first floral headpiece I’ve made.


The largest of the arrangements. The blue thistle! It was the perfect accent for this wedding! And yes that’s a reflection of me working in my pajamas, up and at em early on wedding day to finish up the final pieces.


Detail of one of the medium pieces. Let’s talk mercury glass vases. They look stunning and add just right amount of sophistication and elegance to a room, but beware. I was in for a surprise, as I started to fill the vases with water some of them immediately started flaking! NO! The coating was coming right off, and not a little, A LOT! A little panic set in at first, but no problem, I dumped the water out, carefully blotted, and then I crafted some handy liners out of ziploc bags for the medium and small trouble vases and found another bag to use for a large troublemaker. A little glue a little ribbon around the top of some, boom, fixed. It added unexpected time but problem solved. So, beware when you buy these beauties and of projects where you paint interiors of jars etc.


All the arrangements are ready to roll! My makeshift floral studio is in my garage. Maybe someday I’ll have a real one?


After 2 drop offs, the rest of the arrangements and reception supplies are in and ready to go! Plus, this trip, I had my trusty friend Cat along to assist ! Thanks Cat!


Here are the 2 largest arrangements on the grand pianos at St. Cecilia’s music society ready for the ceremony. It was fun being back in this room, it was where my oldest brother had his wedding reception. Look at the details, isn’t it beautiful!

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Color of the Month June 2015

I always love a cheery yellow setting! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately in the garden, dinner on the patio, and enjoying the nicer weather and sunshine so this yellow feels right at home.
blog color of the month june 2015

Fave vintage: 4 awesome sets of salt and pepper shakers, swanky swig, daisy glasses, pyrex bowl, stretch cat planter, and cute napkin.

blog color of the month june 2015 table

Fave vintage items: darling tablecloth, speckled melmac plates, drizzle glasses, Homer Laughlin large tray, desert dawn Pyrex loaf, and lovely yellow spray roses, alstro, and mums.


More Magazine Press!

Yay! More magazine press! This time artgoodies gets the seal of approval from Consumer Reports in their Kitchen Magazine, July issue, page 11! My all over bike and all over doily pattern organic tea towels are at the top of the page! Thank you! blog consumer reports
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Holiday Weekend

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’m staying home this holiday. I NEVER stay home on a holiday weekend unless there’s something serious happening, like a photo shoot of my house for example. No, there’s not another photo shoot, at least not right now. I’ve been gone half of this month and I’m trying to slow it down. I’m still struggling with the idea, enough where I might get twitchy and just jump in the car because I can’t stand it, but I’m planning to do yard work, nap, hang out with friends, and rustle up some vintage. I’ve gotten started on yard work this last week by replanting the front yard and putting in the veggie gardens but I’ve got a ton of trimming, digging, and dividing to do! garden   I’m also going to have a SALE in both shops! This weekend you can save 25% off my artgoodies and vintagegoodies shops! The SALE starts at 3 pm today and goes through Tues at early bird am! sale
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Color of the Month May 2015!

April was a busy month with the Apartment Therapy photo shoot/ home tour, finishing and sending off product to Whole Foods stores in NY. I partnered up with Whole Foods and Etsy Wholesale for that one, I’ve been sew busy (pun intended) I think I forgot to share that here. Also, getting ready and traveling to and from The Country Living Magazine Fair in TN (more on that later), birthdays (including mine), my parents anniversary, the start of vintage buying season, and my regular artgoodies work load. I’ve been crazy busy but I’ve been having a great time. I’m beginning to wonder what kind of energy I’m operating on. My mom has been telling me for quite some time I’m like the Energizer bunny. I guess when you’re happy doing what you love you have extra power to keep going. Also, the fact that you are entirely responsible for it ALL adds a little push. Truth be told after this last month and travel I went to bed  at 7:15 last night. But, I got up at 4 am to go to an antique show over by Detroit with my pal Abby of Binks and the Bad Housewife. It’s nice when you can find friends who drank the go go juice from the same magical fountain of go getters. Flea marketing and antique shopping with someone who is also an early bird and can keep the pace is helpful. You get in and out like a vintage ninja before the crowd has had their coffee. For most of my vintage finds as of late follow me on instagram here, get a sneak peek before items head to the shop! Now about that color of the month! Enjoy!
blog color of the month May 2015

Fave vintage items: the sign! salt n p napkin holder house! swanky swigs, cb mugs, patterned glasses, tray,salt n p’s.

blog may table setting red 2015

Fave vintage items: gingham glasses, enamel pie tin, napkins used as place mats, little flower plates, and tablecloth. An artgoodies cherry tea towel and red carnations finish the look!

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This Weekend in TN!

I’m almost all set up for The Country Living Magazine Show this weekend in Lebanon, TN! I picked up my trusty travel partner on the way down, AKA Show Dad. It’s fun to spend some quality time with my dad, have help at the show, and it really helps when traveling and doing a big show to have someone who pretty much has your same sense of humor. We got down here earlier than my usual show rush and it feels pretty awesome to have a break and be a little bit more relaxed than the usual rush! Here’s a sneak peek of my booth! Come see me for artgoodies: NEW 16×16 pillows making their public debut! zippered pouches, towels, stuffies, and full aprons. AND of course, vintage: tablecloths, trays, housewares, planters, handmade pillows, scrap packs, and other odds and ends! See me early for the best selection and a couple early bird specials! clf  
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SHOW TIME! Headin South!

I’ve been off the road for almost 3 years now staying busy with my growing and changing business, plus a couple house photo shoots etc. It’s time for me to hit the road again doing some select shows. Join me in Lebanon, TN just outside of Nashville for The Country Living Magazine Fair April 24-26! Follow me here on instagram as I pack it up and move it out! This’ll give you a little sneak peek into my booth and what I’m bringing! My booth will be a colorful explosion of artgoodies and vintagegoodies! Really it will be your textile HQ with artgoodies towels, pillows, zippered pouches, aprons. PLUS vintage pillows I whipped up, tons of vintage tablecloths (I lost count, 70 plus at this point). Vintage housewares galore including Pyrex, trays, and a few other of your favorite surprises.  
shrunk stripey pillow couch

Here’s a little mid century loveseat I recovered for my new vintage fabric pillows! I used remnants from my artgoodies pillows and aprons to create these one of a kind beauties!

cl fair 2cl fair 1  
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Color of the Month April 2015!

April showers bring May flowers! Spring! My favorite time of year as plants start to emerge, rummage sales fire up, the cottage opens back up, and the weather starts to warm! Plus April means a flurry of birthdays and my parents anniversary so there are extra things to celebrate!
blog pink vignette april 2015

Fave vintage items: kitschy vintage Easter- chicks, bunny, and lamb lollipop holder, Pyrex bowl, flower glasses, and little doily, plus the Shawnee dog planter!

blog pink table setting april 2015

Fave vintage items: cherry tablecloth, melmac, flower glasses, napkins, and NEW this month color of the month floral centerpiece! PINK!