Color of the Month April 2018!

Yay, April! Of course, I’m nearly garden obsessed. I’ve got some heirloom seeds sprouting this year, and we’re well on the way with our project out front. We got some free bricks from what used to be a dairy in our neighborhood and we’re in the process of getting rid of more grass and making a little pattern out front. And we’ve got big ideas for something new along the driveway side. This month’s color of the month has me feeling like driving down a country road, stopping at some farm stands, picking up some old time treasures, and having a picnic with a slice of pie. I had planned to have my 1953 Chevy pickup about now, but that dream awaits. I’m really longing for a slower paced feeling in today’s fast paced world. I’m focused on all that inspires me and creating even more of that feeling around me. Like the cigar box says, breathe, haha. Many items available in the vintage shop!

Fave vintage-my grandfather’s cigar box, tomato juice glasses, awesome rare Mobil Gas glass, rooster glasses, coffee mug, tape tin, thermos, canister, grounded by a vintage napkin.

Fave vintage: cute covered bridge vintage tablecloth, Fire King plates, pie carrier, red fired on milk glass mugs, red striped napkins, jadite plate, and an artgoodies all over pattern bike towel!

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Color of the Month November 2017!

November! I’m feeling more chipper about the holiday season this year. Maybe it’s because we’re slated for a fun photo shoot, or because the temps have been awesome and I’ve been gardening away for what seems longer than normal. I did a big pre cold harvest in the garden to avoid the usual and sometimes flashlight assisted panic harvest. So much better, ha. We’ve also been busy gathering up all sorts of goodies for the vintage shop! Vintage holiday as well as the usual home goods. Plenty of vintage to choose from this season! Plus I’ve been working more in the studio: making, cleaning, and thinking of new plans and ideas which feels nice. I’ve really been on a bit of a hiatus, focusing on Stephan and I, the wedding, not feeling well before and after surgery, and just feeling tired from working SO hard for sooo long. I’m gearing back up though, so look out. Let’s get back to the Color of the Month, getting festive for Thanksgiving, and I’m already thinking holiday decor!

Fave vintage: Gurley candles, Warwick China, Pyrex, anchored by an embroidered napkin.

Fave vintage: another great fall tablecloth, napkins doubling as placemats, pyrex, squirrel planter, Warwick restaurant Ware dishes, and and artgoodies deer towel to finish it off.

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September 2017 Color of the Month!

September! Wow. I’m working on embracing that early fall feeling, although it is STILL summer folks! Mornings are starting to get a bit chilly on the new side patio, but we are spending lots of time there. We have also been planting some new fall blooming friends like mums, asters, hyssop, and some spring bulbs. Plus, I’m harvesting garden goodies and making sauces, chopping, and freezing for what we are now calling “the off season”, ahem..aka..winter. As usual, I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around the garden going to sleep, but Stephan assures me that time outside will still be fun with activities like igloo building. Looks like I’ll have to up my outdoor winter wardrobe! So with that, color of the month! Aqua, in honor of our wedding brunch theme and 1st anniversary!
Fave vintage: aqua plastic butter dish, milk glass coffee mugs, cute lady brush, aqua topped aluminum shakers, Regaline plastic bowl, anchored on a napkin. Mugs available in the vintage shop, the other items are from my personal collection.

Fave vintage: aqua plastic butter dish, milk glass coffee mugs, cute lady brush, aqua topped aluminum shakers, Regaline plastic bowl, anchored on a napkin. Mugs available in the vintage shop, the other items are from my personal collection.

Fave vintage: adorable tablecloth with scallop edge, melmac cups, platter, and these Texasware plates, aqua plaid napkins, and an artgoodies ring tea towel since it's our anniversary month 💍💞 And, of course some flowers from the garden. Shop all my tea towels, link in bio. Plus a set of 7 of these melmac cups in the vintage shop and the plates heading there soon!

Fave vintage: adorable tablecloth with scallop edge, melmac cups, platter, and these Texasware plates, aqua plaid napkins, and an artgoodies ring tea towel since it’s our anniversary month 💍💞 And, of course some flowers from the garden. Shop all my tea towels on site. Plus a set of 7 of these melmac cups in the vintage shop and the plates heading there soon!

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WEDDING Food and Drink and more Decor!

And now for wedding food and drink and a bit more decor! We wanted to have high quality delicious nourishments for friends and family. We like good food, local food, and handcrafted food. So, in honor of falling in love over tacos we had Donkey Taqueria here in Grand Rapids bring in the good stuff! It’s a favorite place of ours, if you haven’t been there you should go! We had 2 types of tacos, the potato for our veggie friends and pork carnitas for the carnivores, plus salad, rice, vegan beans, and let’s not forget the chips and guacamole for cocktail hour. SO good! The great thing about all this deliciousness is that you could make them up just the way you wanted so it really catered to all the friends and family, from vegan to vegetarian, to gluten free, everyone was super happy and thrilled when they discovered the menu. We’re talking seconds and people admitting to going up for thirds, ha.

Thank goodness Cat took a pic of her food plate, doesn’t this look SO good! Yummmm!!! All served on vintage dishes!


Oh my gosh, I LOVED how these all looked together. Here’s a close up of a couple more neutral vintage plates, vintage silverware, glasses, and my giant collection of vintage napkins sure came in handy!


Here’s a look at one of our settings. We moved the picnic tables provided by the venue into several neat rows, styling them with vintage dishes, my milk glass vases down the middle with our home grown zinnias, and fern leaves as the table runner. It was the perfect blend of color, vintage, and woodsy warmth for our fall wedding. As I mentioned before, dishes, and all sorts of vintage props can be rented from Deanna at Gypsy Soul Antiques! We sure had fun picking out all these gorgeous pieces!!!! You’ll love working with her!

And for drink we had a couple of amazing beers from Greyline Brewery. One of the smallest yet really the best brewery in all of Grand Rapids, or Michigan for that matter. It’s run by our talented friends, there’s no one that knows beer better, a la Nate Walser, supreme beer master. If you know anything about beer you just had an exclamation point go off inside your head. Go visit Greyline and you’ll find a cool old mid century style building on the NW side with sophisticated chill decor, great food, and lots of brew to choose from! And needless to say, our beer loving friends were QUITE pleased with the drink option. We also had some wine at the wedding, and coffee served up in my grandma’s 40 cup percolator and in vintage cups and saucers. I had a pic of the little kegs inside of the vintage laundry tubs but I can’t find it! They fit quite nicely and right into our decor!

Here’s a shot of the sewing machine bar that held coffee, wine, cups, and cups for beer. Deanna and Doug created this piece just for me with vintage sewing machine tables on each end and an old door in the middle. How fitting, wouldn’t ya say!


A little cake close up, loving the doilies, and there’s a peek at the pies. I used some vintage yardage I had a bolt of for the table to add a little color and vintage style. I see the table is ready to intercept the taco goods here too 🙂 Oh and how cute is the cake on the large jadeite stand!

Now, let’s talk cake! Our talented friend Genevieve made a darling little carrot cake for us, yummy! I purchased some orange doilies made of sugar for some simple decor on the outside and used a little handmade ceramic cake topper I purchased years and years ago in the early Etsy days from a store called Melabo. Simple and sweet! In addition, Genevieve made some hand pies, oh my, SO good! They flew off the table as I knew they would! I loved having little pies at the wedding. As you may know I find pie quite sentimental, as I’ve posted before, I used to make pies with my grandma growing up and her rolling pin and pastry cutter are among my prize possessions. We also had more of those delicious apple fritter holes we had at the brunch, heaven. You should also take this opportunity to check out Genevieve’s CSA here in GR, Save the Season.  AND she’s the chef at Life Fuel, a healthy meal service here. She’s one smart talented lady!

So pretty! The jadeite stand from Deanna at Gypsy Soul is the perfect piece to display the cake!


It’s SO appropriate that the pic of these hand pies is a little blurry. They went FAST! Apple, cherry, and blueberry, that’s what my grandma used to make for us three kids. I love it so much!

Now here’s a little takeaway we made. My mom and I and then my mom and dad canned delicious little jars of homemade marmalade using my grandma’s recipe. Another little way to bring her into my day. I then cut little pieces of vintage fabric for inside the lids. marmalade And here’s a shot of our head table. I wanted something different and a little special of course. We were seated in front of the gorgeous stone fire place, bunting and a paper flower accented it while a sweet framed vintage print of 2 orioles sat on the fireplace.  I styled 2 vintage fiberglass Herman Miller chairs from home into the mix, just the right color! We had a small table we could easily get in and out of, a feature floral arrangement, and a thrifted orange sheet worked perfectly under the vintage doily plastic lace tablecloth we got together at an estate sale. Lovely delicate features setting our table off from the rest. I also styled a small table for family with a vintage tablecloth and special floral arrangements. head-table

Here’s a fave pic of us.

All in all it was the most beautiful relaxed day filled with great food, drink, dear friends, and family, and most of all love.

I adore this pic, surrounded by the beauty of nature in a quiet spot away from it all. We look forward to the future together. Growing like these beautiful trees in the ever changing landscape of life.

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July 2016 Color of the Month!

July, bam, here it is. Let’s celebrate sunshine and warmth with yellow! I find this time of year super dreamy with all the plants and flowers and gardening that’s abound. The cottage garden is looking great and producing delicious pea pods, onions, radishes, lettuce, and herbs. Here at home we’ve been doing a major overhaul on the yard. It hasn’t looked like this since I put the gardens in about 10 years ago! Turns out my fiance is an amazing yard machine digging up the bamboo grass that wandered all over the zen side. Let me just say I could barely even get the shovel in the ground and he was digging trenches. The man is utterly amazing in all ways. Friends who have so far seen the yard in progress are speechless. I’ll post some pics when it gets all mulched up. So back to cheery color of the month! Three cheers for being able to enjoy the outdoors, nature, cottage time, picking fresh food and flowers from the garden, and being with people you love.
july 2016 vignette blog

July 2016 Color of the Month VIgnette! all available in the vintage shop! Fave items: awesome glass striped salt and p’s, plastic toy car, spice shaker set, recipe box, and glass mugs, anchored by a napkin.

july 2016 table setting blog

July 2016 Color of the Month Table setting! Fave vintage items: tablecloth, plaid napkins, melmac plates n bowls, love the striped glasses, little doily, and fresh flowers from the garden.

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Color of the Month June 2016

June, full garden revamp is in effect! Plants, plants, and more plants, digging, moving, removing. The cottage garden is in, my veggie gardens are in and my backyard is in the midst of a mini makeover so color of the month is GREEN all the way! On a more serious note, I’m dedicating this color of the month post to our family friend Jim. He passed away Memorial Day and will be greatly missed by my family. His inquisitive mind, quarky sense of humor, and kindness will not be forgotten. I could never thank him enough for how much he believed in me and my business. Always following what I was doing, buying pieces, even though I would be just as happy to give him whatever he wanted. Jim, maybe you’re still reading these from a new place of comfort, peace, and rest-we love you and will miss you, and thank you.
colof of the month june 2016 vignette

Fave vintage: melmac cups n saucers, striped glasses (I have a bunch in shop!) Tiki mug, mom n pop mugs, a striped vintage runner.

blog color of the month June 2016

Fave vintage: tablecloth, napkins, melmac, and flowers from my garden. Melmac available now in my vintage shop! I’m using 2 different vintage napkins here, one as a place mat and one to use.

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Color of the Month March 2016!

March! Yes! Getting close to Spring and green and gardens and plants, my fave! I got a nice dose of Spring while I was out in Seattle. I also got a nice dose of seasonal allergies there at the end of my trip which I was mindful to just embrace while I enjoying the daffodils, crocuses, gorgeous blooming camellias, and other amazing flowering plants and bushes that really popped. Plus, I find that having a dose of pollen from a trip pre at home allergy season helps in an immense way, so I should be all set this year! Anyway, ode to all things green with this color of the month. A bit of a dingier green mix, the kind that starts to surface from the grungy muck of post winter.
blog march vignette

Fave vintage: melmac cups, kitschy snake mug, toy cups, lamp salt and p’s, McCoy pot, Fire King bowls, Hollywood Extra cold cream jar, and MI Mackinac Bridge glasses, anchored on a pretty springy floral napkin.

blog march table setting

Fave Vintage: Bold tablecloth, daffodil tray, melmac, and pale stripe napkins.Thinking Spring over here! Just a few pieces this month make a stellar statement! And the tablecloth is a round one I tucked, the magic of styling and cropping 🙂

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Color of the Month January 2016!

Hello New Year! I was working on another project which slightly delayed my color of the month post but here it is in its sunshiney glory. I think warm sunny yellow seems like a bright way to start off the New Year! As usual I have an optimistic list of ideas, dreams, and things to do in 2016.

Keeping it simple in the vignette this month. Fave vintage: 2 little planters, cute little horse one huh? melmac cups, straw raffia mugs, plastic pig bank, and flower linen. As a little reminder you can purchase most of the items in my color of the month posts in my vintage shop right here!


Fave vintage: melmac as usual 3 different styles this time, Pyrex carafe, tray, McCoy bowl, straw weave tumblers, gorgeous metal tray with gold edge, cute plaid napkins, all grounded by a new to me vintage tablecloth I just thrifted. Yay for yellow!


Sometimes when you take down your holiday decor, especially when it’s an entire wall display, your house feels bare. The poinsettias really help fill the void and I get to enjoy them a little longer. I just love how they blend in and complete the look in vintage bamboo style ceramic planters I already have. I adore how this room came together.  

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